Carbon Resources
Forest Carbon Portal: A dedicated free access carbon forestry site providing a centralised platform 
for information on policy & markets and provides valuable insight into development of carbon forestry 
projects around the world. 

Mongabay: Provides useful information and news about the worlds tropical rainforests. 

New Zealand Government Websites
Carbon Forestry in NZ: The Ministry of Primary Industries carbon forestry website with information
on the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative, The NZ ETS, and other forestry related initiatives.

Climate Change: Ministry for the Environment website with information about Climate Change and the
NZ Emissions trading Scheme. 

The NZ Emissions Unit Register: National carbon registry for emissions trading under the Kyoto
Protocol and the NZ ETS. 

Carbon Markets
The State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2013: Evidence of forestry's growing role in carbon markets. 
This report covers forestry in compliance and voluntary markets.[Read more]

State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2013: Latest overview of the various international voluntary carbon markets. 

State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2012:
Latest annual World Bank report summarising global 
carbon trade covering all major voluntary and compliance markets from all around the world.

United Nations & related websites
The United Nations  website covering the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 
and the Kyoto Protocol

The scientific intergovernmental panel charged with reviewing climate change science for the 
and policy makers

Forest Carbon Science
IPCC 4th Assessment Report 2007: 
This links to the chapter dealing  with forestry which provides a 
useful insight into forestry's role in mitigating climate change. 
The IPCC is currently drafting the Fifth 
Assessment Report.